Top Carpet Cleaning Techniques For Your Home

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are a lot of ways to go about it and a variety of information regarding which method works best. The answer may mean doing some research as to which technique works best for your type of carpet or fabrics. Depending on the kind of carpeting you have in your home, the quality and age of the carpet will determine how to most effectively clean them regularly. Nobody likes old smelly carpets, especially if you have pets or small children, in which case may cause your carpets and rugs to age faster due to wear & tear, excessive dirt accumulation and other similar factors. Here we will discuss briefly on the more preferred methods of maintaining clean carpets throughout the year.

While a customer is spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting the right method of carpet cleaning, it is also important to choose the right one. Different companies use different cleaning methods that can work for your carpet.

Here are the most common types of carpet cleaning techniques:

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This is also commonly known as steam carpet cleaning. This technique uses high-pressure water to agitate the dirt from the carpet and remove it effectively. It involves cleaning agent, rinsing, and drying of the carpet. This takes more time and lots of space.

Carpet Shampooing

The shampoo carpet cleaning was popular till 1970s, when the encapsulation technique was introduced. Here the carpet is shampooed and left to dry in the carpet. Rinsing is often not performed due to time limitations; hence it is less popular than the rest.


The foam encapsulation uses synthetic detergents that crystallizes and dries. The dirt is loosened and captured by the powder. This is then vacuumed and drying process begins. The less chemical residue is left in this technique, as compared to carpet shampooing.

Bonnet Cleaning

The cleaning produces good surface results. Heavy duty motorized machine is used to agitate the dirt in the carpet fibers and cleaning solution absorbs the impurities. This is considered a quick fix solution to cleaning carpets.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This is one of the latest and most popular carpet cleaning techniques. It applies a dry powder into the bottom part of the carpet. A rotating brush opens the carpet fibers and allows the dirt to be captured easily. This is one of the safest, quickest, and effective techniques that are used by thousands of companies every week.

Picking the right technique generally depends upon the requirements of the customer and also the type of carpet. The carpet fibers vary according to different surfaces, and hence differences cleaning techniques are used. Contact your local Medicine Hat carpet cleaning expert and find out the right method that fits your requirements and budget.