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Bathroom Remodel From Start To Finish

How simple or complex a bathroom remodel project becomes depends on the required changes. But, if you have some experience in remodeling and a can-do attitude, it’s possible to tackle the project yourself. Nevertheless, even with a vision and proper skills, handling a bathroom remodel project from the start to finish can be a challenge. Here are some tips from a company who does some amazing bathroom renovations Winnipeg, Manitoba homeowners have been trusting for years, to help you handle your bathroom renovation project from the beginning to the end.


Plan the Project

Remodeling a bathroom in a disorganized or haphazard fashion can cause more hassles and headache. Taking time to plan the project and even designing your perfect bathroom will enable you to complete it with minimal effort and time. Planning a bathroom remodel project will also enable you to love the final results of the project. Therefore, take some time to decide on the cost of materials and duration of your project. This will enable you to avoid wasting time when problems arise along the way.

Get Materials

After planning your bathroom remodel project, you need to gather materials. If you don’t get all necessary materials, you may end up with a bathroom without all necessary functional features. You might also have to extend the time-frame of your project to get supplies. To avoid this, take time to gather all necessary materials before you start the actual remodeling of your bathroom. Move on with the remodeling project once you have acquired all necessary materials.

Clear the Space

After acquiring the materials, it’s now time to start the actual work. In some cases, the project requires complete demolition of the space. However, you may want to keep features like the toilet and bathtub. But, before you start removing the shower faucets, sinks, and other features, remember to turn off water supply to your bathroom. Additionally, get a haul-away service to avoid trouble disposing of the waste from your bathroom.

Install Plumbing Features

You may wonder whether installing plumbing features, cabinets, or flooring first is the best idea. Generally, you should consider the features that you are likely to replace first. New bathtub, toilet, and shower will most likely be used longer than flooring. Therefore, consider installing these features first.

Install Cabinets

Take time to install cabinets in your space properly. After that, install counter top, hardware and sinks to finish the areas. Once you install hardware and sinks, turn water supply on to check if the bathroom is functional. Follow this with final enhancements of the bathroom.

Install Flooring

Flooring should be installed last. It can be installed even under your cabinets. Nevertheless, flooring is replaced more often than the cabinets. That means if you install flooring under your cabinets, you may have to remove cabinetry and some plumbing features when it comes to replacing your flooring. As such, flooring should be the last feature to install during a bathroom remodel project.


Tackling a bathroom remodel project from start to finish can take a few days after demolishing the old bathroom. Nevertheless, successful bathroom remodeling requires careful and extensive planning beforehand. But, when a bathroom remodel project is handled properly, the results are generally impressive. Another alternative is to have everything done for you. If you have the budget, you can hire a contractor to renovate your bathroom. Renovation companies are specialists in these types of jobs, so you can be sure to receive a great outcome.