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Painting Your House to Increase Value

Painting your house is one of the best ways to boost its value before you put it up for sale on the market. However, when you opt to paint your property as a way of increasing its value, a quick coat may not do wonders. You need to choose colors that will boost the curb appeal of your property and attract more buyers. You also need to consider other factors or elements that work together to enhance the value of your property.

Colour-correct your property for value

When exterior colors are used effectively, they add value to a house in thousands of dollars. So, use the right colors to increase the general market value of your house. If you want to rent it out, using the right paint colour will enhance occupancy rates. Therefore, choose eye-catching colour schemes when painting your house with an aim of increasing value.

Know that colour perception is very relative

For example, if you use mid-value colour like tan close to pure white, the resulting look is beige. However, if you apply tan close to dark green, it looks off-white. Therefore, have trim and main in mind when selecting paint colors. And, once you choose a paint colour from your fan deck, mask off colors that you will apply close to it using a white paper. Additionally, design the colour scheme to use on the basis of value. Thus, decide to apply light main, medium, or dark colour wisely.

Use paint colors that highlight details

Ensure a balanced effect between the bottom and top of your house. For example, if your house has many details on the top, use paint colour to create interest and detail on its bottom.

Avoid being top-heavy

To ensure that your house doesn’t create a top-heavy feel that is usually uncomfortable, apply paint with darker colors towards its bottom. Adding shrubs of deep-hue creates more illumination towards the upper part of a house.

Use the right light colors

Pick paint colors that give your house a brighter look in natural light or on a cloudy day. Essentially, select paint colors in an open shade. Bright light paint colour creates glare. They can also distort colour perception. Nevertheless, use paint colour that brightens the surrounding. For instance, paint overhead surfaces and window sashes with lighter colour paint. Also paint the soffits and porch ceilings with a lighter colour. This will lift the overall home spirit because lighter colors reflect light.

Consider materials

Choose paint colors that complement other house materials such as stone, stucco, brick and the roof. This will create a better overall look of your house.

Go warm instead of cool

Use warm paint colors instead of cool colors. For instance, apply a warm yellow-white paint colour instead of cool blue-white paint.

Use paint colour to play up your house size

Light colors give a small house a bigger look when applied properly. Dark colors make a larger, squeezed house look smaller. So, pick paint colour depending on how you want your house to look to prospective buyers. Generally, once you decide to paint your house before you list it, consider the shades that will increase the closing price. Follow these tips to pick the right paint colors for your house.

Thanks to Sandman Painting, the best painters Winnipeg has for presenting this helpful information for viewers planning to either re-paint their home to improve marketability during the selling process or for renovation ideas. You can contact Sandman for more painting tips & tricks.